Day 4 is a website that shows how maps are distorted to show different populations from around the world. It shows a wide range of different categories from the amount of people who have died from malaria to the amount of clothing exported from each country. The website shows this by shrinking countries with smaller amounts and expanding countries with higher numbers. This could be a very useful tool in the classroom because it would help students see the extreme difference of populations when dealing with different subjects. You could use it throughout the year with different subjects ranging from social studies to math to science. It is a really effective website because it makes you see the size difference as opposed to just comparing data.

Another thing we looked at was how headings use words and phrases that may have nothing to do with the actual article in order to grab the attention of the readers. It was interesting to see the misleading titles and then read the actual article to try to figure out why the title was chosen. This is an important skill to teach in your classroom because it shows students that you cannot use an article based on the heading when looking for supporting research. Students often use irrelevant articles because the headings make them believe the article is about a certain idea when it could discuss something completely different. For example in class we looked at the heading “Texting Officially Disastrous to Relationships Says Study”, this leads the readers to believe that there is supporting research and data that proves this theory. When in actuality the article does not say that texting is disastrous, but that these new technologies can cause issues. It is not “officially disastrous”.


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