Day 5

Today we analyzed how photographers use lighting, angles, hair, looking direction, body language, cropping, background, color, and lots of other things to get their message across to the reader/viewer. They use these tools to have the reader interpret the image in a certain way. For example in the picture below of Angelina Jolie: She is supposed to be portrayed as beautiful. I know this because her hair looks soft and light, the lighting make her features look soft as well, she is wearing white to give the image of purity, her diamond earrings tell us that she is classy, the picture is zoomed in to only display her shoulders and head so the reader can see close up how beautiful she is, the background is a soft blue color so there is not a strong contrast, and her makeup is very lite so that it seems as though she is so beautiful that she does not need make up. Every photographer goes through this process when creating an image.


Sound editing plays a large part in how a viewer connects or feels about a video or commercial. People use sound in movies to understand the emotion that is being portrayed in the visual. I think the most interesting part of the movie making process is when people use random objects and techniques to make sound effects. The people who do this for a living use the most random objects in order to make a certain sound they want. Students could learn from this because it teaches them that they cannot always believe what they hear. It would be fun to create an activity in which half of the students wear blindfolds while the other half chooses items from either around the classroom or from a selection that they teacher would provide, and the students wearing the blindfolds try to identify the object. Students will be working on their sensory skills and learning about movie production while also having fun.


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