Day 6

There are many different types of advertisements in the world. Types include:

Bandwagon~ argue that a person should buy or think a certain way because everyone else does

bait and switch~ dishonest tactic in which a salesperson lures customers into a store with the promise of a bargain

celebrity spokesperson~using a celebrity or famous person to promote a product

emotional appeals~manipulate viewers to feel specific emotions to sell products

glittering generalities~emphasize high valued beliefs

humor~make the viewers laugh while providing information about the product

individuality~appeals to the consumer’s desire to be different from the other consumers

loaded language~use words with positive or negative connotations to describe a product

name-calling~attacks people or groups to discredit their ideas

plain folk~uses ordinary people to help the consumer relate

product comparison~attacks competitors’ products

It is very common for advertisers to combine these different techniques to make even more effective ads. Here are a couple of examples I have found while watching TV or reading magazines:

Celebrity Spokesperson and glittering generalities

Another aspect of advertising we discussed was how food in pictures are altered to appear more appetizing than what the real food looks like when you order it. In class we decorated our own salads. We used Pam to make the lettuce look fresh and napkins to make the salad look fluffed up. The following clip is from the Food Network Challenge show that I watched where food stylists compete in creating the most attractive food dishes:


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