Day 7

It was interesting to me to see what has been published on the front page of newspapers from around the world. Even though they were all from the same time, there were no front pages that looked the same. I saw some very provocative photos on the front of a couple Caribbean newspapers that you would probably only see in US magazines, and even then it probably would not be on the cover. I also noticed that a lot of the pages were centered around local news as opposed to national or world wide. I think this is because it is more interesting and relevant to the readers buying the newspapers. For example papers in the Midwestern states focused on the floods that have been occurring recently.

The switch to empowering commercials is very controversial. It is good that people are taking notice that girls have been seen as lower or prissier and need to make themselves pretty for men. However, at the same time the companies promoting these ads are the ones selling beauty products to these girls/women. One review compared these ads to the car commercial ads that promote a green and clean environment, but then are still trying to sell you their cars that pollute the environment. Another example is the Pantene commercial below that encourages girls to be stronger and to not always say sorry. Yes, this commercial did make me realize how often I say sorry without realizing it, but I still feel as though since it is a hair product commercial that I should not take it too seriously because they are just trying to sell me something.


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