Day 8

Everyone knows the stereotypes that exist in our society, but we try to avoid these first instinct thoughts that pop into our heads. And I feel as time has gone on, society as a whole has become a lot better at repressing these stereotypes by having patience and taking the time to get to know people before making judgement. This could just be my opinion and where I live (Portland), but I do feel like we have come a long way since the basic stereotypes. For example, the media does not depict women as staying home and taking care of the kids anymore. Women are seen as powerful beings who can make more money than a man in the workplace. However, there still is that thought in the back of peoples’ minds that girls should at least be pretty. When we watched the What Would You Do clip of the white guy, black guy, and pretty girl stealing a bike, it was very clear that people still act upon stereotypes. I personally felt uncomfortable when watching the clip because I personally had never seen this come out of people until I was in an interracial couple.


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